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August newsletter

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL INDICTMENT OF DONALD TRUMP (it's a quicker read than you think and very enlightening!)


As of August 31 we will be closing and archiving the StateWide Indivisible Michigan - SWIM Public Page on Facebook and will transition everyone over to the private member page SWIM (StateWide Indivisible Michigan) Members. If you have not already done so, please join our SWIM Facebook Group. In addition, our challenge to you is to invite 5 like-minded friends to join as well. As of today, we only have 161 members. Help us add 50 members by the end of August!


We are still basking in the success of our Statewide Conference in June and hope you are, too! Look forward to a final survey in the coming months, as promised, about how you were able to implement any of the ideas from June 3 into your local work. We are looking ahead to repeating this event in 2024, but WE NEED YOU! Whether you enjoyed the conference, have feedback to improve it, or are sad that you missed the conference, we can't repeat this without more input on planning. We heard you loud and clear that you want to maintain the momentum generated by a conference and continue to hold similar events next year and beyond. We have several wonderful members who have volunteered to help plan next year's conference, but not enough to make it happen. We have a deadline of September 30 to simply establish a group who will serve as a planning committee - can you join us?? Reply before 9-30-23 at and let us know you want to join the team. Many hands make light work - we can't do it without you! Let's get this DONE!


SWIM BI-MONTHLY MEMBER MEETING The next Member Meeting will be on September 26 at 7:00 pm. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more information. Register here now! UPDATE ON JULY'S SWIM MEETING WITH SEN. STABENOW'S STAFF: First, we apologize for all the confusion around this last meeting. In case you were unable to access the meeting, here is a short update on what was covered. In our last two meetings with Senator Stabenow's regional manager, the amazing Terry Campbell, she focused a lot on the upcoming Farm Bill, for which the Senator leads negotiations in her function as Chair of the Agriculture Committee. We've learned a lot about the Farm Bill, which started in 1933! Our rural members know how important this bill is, but many of us residing in the city or suburbs don't think much about it. Consider this:

  • Michigan ranks second in the nation for diversity of agriculture;

  • the Senator has gotten permanent funding for summer meal programs;

  • among 12 sections (called "titles") in the Farm Bill, the Senator has secured a "Conservation" section, which deals with climate resiliency;

  • Democratic negotiations on the current version of the bill are pushing for added access to local food programs, conservation, and help for small farmers - especially minorities, beginning, and veteran farmers.

Terry reports out the finer details of the Senator's work every other month: such as the fact that the Senator is making sure Michigan is on every page of this new Farm Bill, and how the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) benefits Michigan (a frequently asked question, so read up on the IRA here! Think you're up to snuff on IRA facts? Test your knowledge here!!) The Senator does not wish these meetings to be recorded, so don't miss out on the next few - we'll only have access to this level of government information until the Senator retires! Registration is here for the next meeting on October 5. Please note: Terry does her research if she's given the time. If you have a question, please submit it to us at by September 29. We give Terry a list of questions a week prior to the meetings so she can prepare and give us the best info possible. Remember to keep your questions relevant to the national stage, which is the Senator's work arena. Check the webpage here for more upcoming meetings!


GEN Z VOTERS TO REPUBLICANS, NOVEMBER 2024: HOLD MY BEER Here's good data to show the younger generation is taking charge on issues that matter! Encourage voter registration, engagement, and involvement on these critical issues wherever you can! RESEARCH COLLABORATIVE MESSAGING ON THE TRUMP INDICTMENT Anat Schenker-Osorio's Research Collaborative sent out the following messaging on the recent indictments. We are including it here because it's very helpful stuff when talking to others about the criminal conspiracy actions that Trump and his co-conspirators took to overthrow our democracy. 1. Push this beyond one actor: The MAGA Republicans that supported, schemed and covered up for him are still in power today and must be held accountable. 2. Connect MAGA response to the larger criminal conspiracy - from Congress, to the Courts, to states - of deliberately spreading lies, breaking laws, and fomenting corruption in order to grab and hold onto power 3. Focus on outcome arguments about how this endangers our country instead of process framings about hypocrisy or "rule of law". 4. Emphasize the role everyday Americans have played and must continue to play to push for accountability. "We the People" weighed the evidence and decided to indict and now we must demand that all those involved face the consequences. 5. Activate Public Defiance and use this and other indictments to remind voters that we can and will stand up to and defeat this fascist faction. Feel free to use the following narrative in your social media posts: Americans value our freedoms -- our freedom to elect leaders who respect our will, protect our interests and govern in our name. Now, multiple grand juries of everyday Americans across races, backgrounds, and parties have indicted the former MAGA President for his criminal conspiracy to incite supporters in the deadly January 6th assault on our country, attempt to overthrow the will of the people, and theft of national security documents Yet the MAGA Republicans in office today that supported, schemed, and covered up for him want to overturn our legal system and allow him to evade consequences, while they carry on this criminal conspiracy and seize power unchecked. From the House of Representatives to the Supreme Court to state legislatures, they want to take away our freedoms and rule for the wealthy few. We must come together and demand that anyone who aided, abetted or excused the MAGA criminal conspiracy be held accountable so we can make this a place where our leaders honor their oaths, protecting our country and our freedoms. You can find more messaging, research, and content in Research Collaboratives' Freedom Over Fascism toolkit, which is continuously updated. POLLSTER FINDS A HYPOTHETICAL MATCH-UP OF PRESIDENT BIDEN AND THRICE INDICTED, TWICE IMPEACHED, DISGRACED SEXUAL PREDATOR DONALD TRUMP IS A DEAD HEAT !! It is critical for our future that Donald Trump never get hold of the reins of power again. Rogan's List recommends we get a free subscription to legal commentator Teri Kanefield's blog for clear, ongoing explanations of Trump's legal woes.


VOTER REGISTRATION And don't forget that you can volunteer for Field Team 6 and their efforts to register Democrats ahead of the next election to make sure Trump stays a defendant and NOT the next president. Click on the image below or go to the SWIM webpage to register! POSTCARDING: LET'S FLIP THE HOUSE 2024 WITH POSTCARD WRITING Activate America (formerly Flip the West) is an organization dedicated to mobilizing voters to elect Democrats in the House and Senate through post-carding, phone banking, texting, and canvassing opportunities. Right now, the organization is focusing on flipping 11 House seats in California and New York, all of which President Biden won in the 2020 presidential election. Click here to join Activate America in writing postcards to voters in these districts, and work towards flipping the House back to Democratic control in 2024. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SCHOOL BOARD Red Wine and Blue Michigan has ways for you to take action on Gun Violence prevention and Fighting the MAGA Attacks on Public Education Click here to learn more. You can find Red Wine & Blue's events along with many others on SWIM's events webpage! STAY CURRENT ON SWIM ACTIVITIES AND PARTNERS' EVENTS & SHARE THEM WITH YOUR NETWORK!

Here are some ways to do that: Visit the Website often! New events are being posted regularly; bookmark the page! The new website is designed to be a central repository of the resources and network partners that we’ve amassed since 2016. We also want you, as members, to be able to add your own announcements about your successes and events. Have news to share? Let us know by using the "Comment" link at the top of the homepage, or click here! Follow us on Facebook! The SWIM private group is now open to all interested members. Simply go to the page, answer a few simple questions and you are in. This is a great way to keep current on events and issues in between newsletters. This page will be the sole Facebook page for SWIM going forward as the SWIM public page is being archived in the near future, so join the group today! Help us build our social media presence and impact by following SWIM on Twitter (X) @SWIMIndivisible and Instagram StateWideIndivisibleMichigan ! If you are familiar with social media platforms like Threads, Mastodon, WhatsApp, TikTok, Tribel, Post, etc. please contact SWIM CORE member & resident social media maven Vickie Gutowski at to help expand our outreach!

Here's a Public Service Announcement from your ever-vigilant Communications Committee:

A new fraud scheme is sweeping Michigan and if you're a home owner or if you own any real estate property, this fraud alert is for you. We've all heard about identity theft, but did you know that thieves can file fraudulent papers at your county Registrar of Deeds which make it appear you've sold your house or property, then they try to become the official owners??!!! This potentially allows them to sell the house or take out loans or mortgages. When they don't pay off the loans or someone comes over to take over the house, you could lose your house or property. Click here to read an important article that explains it in more detail. Your local Registrar of Deeds offers a free service that will inform you anytime a document is recorded in their office using your name. It doesn't stop the recording of the document, but it gives you an early warning of the action and allows you to notify the proper authorities and possibly avoid some bad outcomes later on. Contact your local Registrar of Deeds and ask them for the necessary information to sign up for these alerts. GET INVOLVED GOT IDEAS, GOOD NEWS OR QUESTIONS??? Send us your thoughts here! FIRED UP TO SWIM? Use this page to join and never miss out on SWIM NEWS!

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