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Civil unrest, government corruption and the noise of disinformation have led us down an uncertain path. Together, we can be the change that needs to happen, and make a better MICHIGAN for all of us. 

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CALLS NEEDED! Senator Tommy Tuberville is maintaining his block of eleven 4-star and above generals waiting for confirmation. This continues to leave our military extremely vulnerable and leaves senior leadership positions vacant as we head into an election year and as we face significant global instability. This is an untenable situation; we must do everything we can to push the Senate to confirm these remaining positions this month and not give Republicans any chance to claim in 2024 that it is too close to an election to consider the promotions.


We must remind our Senators and Majority Leader Schumer that this issue is far from done and that the remaining confirmations must be completed before they adjourn this month. Senator Schumer needs to proceed to call separate roll-call votes for each of these nominations. No matter how long it takes, no matter how long they need to stay in session, every single one of these nominations must be completed. Tell them they cannot let this go into 2024.


Call Sen. Stabenow @ (202) 224-4822 and Sen. Peters @ (202) 224-6221 and call Senate Majority Leader Schumer (202) 224-6542. Call. Every. Day.  This is our superpower - our voices do make a difference!!

Levar Burton, actor and literature activist, said this at the National Book Awards ceremony:
"Before we get going, are there any Moms for Liberty in the house? No? Good. then hands will not need to be thrown tonight."
We're hearing about lots of people who don't know who Moms for Liberty are!  Since our main job is to educate voters, here are some great sources to send
folks who need to understand this group's motivation, thanks to our partners: Red Wine & Blue!

It Ain't Over Til SCOTUS Rules!

The judiciary must hear us loud and clear. The attack on medication abortion is a gross injustice that could impact millions of people.

Add your name to the People's Brief now! 


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