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A new political party, No Labels, has emerged and has the potential be a spoiler in the 2024 Presidential election. Their stratagem is a divisive and hazardous gambit jeopardizing America’s future. 

All citizens should closely scrutinize No Labels’ intentions and impact. Their evolving plans currently threaten our stable democracy. Voters also deserve transparency around who funds such impactful groups. And with No Labels not disclosing funding sources, questions around potential conflicts of interest or ulterior motives persist. Originally claiming a bipartisan ticket could win outright, they now aim to deny both major parties the 270 electoral votes needed for victory. This leverage could enable election chaos.
While No Labels asserts its candidate will be a moderate Republican, all evidence suggests they will act as a spoiler. Their own data shows battleground states tilting against President Biden with a Republican nominee. Experts critique No Labels’ polling methodology as unreliable. Still, their numbers and public statements align - the plan prevents Biden from winning while enabling a contingent election.
Triggering a contingent election holds dangerous consequences. The vote would go to the House, where state delegations currently favor Republicans. When considering January 6th and ongoing “Big Lie” trials, creating election chaos could enable election subversion. Their evolving plans continue threatening stable democracy. 
Voters deserve an election focused on pressing issues where their voice counts. Leaders across the political spectrum must denounce this unstable direction before it grows.

V. GutowskiElmwood Township

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