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So many of you are making, finalizing, and communicating grassroots voter outreach plans to volunteers all over the state. Loads of creative ideas are being spearheaded. But sometimes, we stop and have to say, "But how will we pay for this?" We are here to remind you of one great funding opportunity and introduce another!

Indivisible National has been funding group actions for years through their GROW Grants. Many of our groups have funded initiative this way. It's not a hard process to apply. If grant writing is intimidating, no worries, we have you covered! SWIM has experience writing successful GROW Grants, and our Regional Organizer, Scott, is always helpful on these. Drop us a note at, or write to Scott at!

The new kid on the block for voter engagement grants is Clean & Prosperous America. Check out their super easy grant for up to $2,500 to fund voter engagement work on Presidential and Senatorial campaigns, and Congressional work in CD-7, CD-8, and CD-10 (looking at you, Lansing, Midland, and Macomb!)

Let's not leave money on the table! These are easy lifts to fund your best ideas. Let us know how we can help!

-Terri, SWIM CORE Team

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