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How dreadful if Ukraine loses and Congress does nothing

I’ve had a feeling of dread since before Christmas when Congress left for holiday break without authorizing military aid to Ukraine. I dread the thought of Ukraine’s erasure and a Putin win without U.S. and Western ally support. I dread the consequences.
Russia’s unprovoked invasion erasing Ukraine as a people and independent state is abhorrent with its systemic violence perpetuated against civilians including women, children and the elderly. It would be a strategic defeat for our homeland and democracy worldwide. It would bolster Putin’s confidence and determination to continue his evil conquests. His victory would signal weakness for the U.S. and the Western alliance as well as embolden our adversaries. Already Iran and North Korea back Russia which adds a greater threat to our national security and NATO partners. If Ukraine loses, the cost of protecting U.S. national security will far exceed the cost of aiding Ukraine now. What is Congress waiting for?
Russia is a master at cyber warfare and spreads lies and propaganda in order to weaken US resolve for Ukraine. Putin’s Russia doggedly manipulates information to divide Americans on every front.
Yet Putin’s reach goes even further. This treacherous manipulator has a dark influence over the GOP presidential front-runner. President Putin said, 'We surely hear that Mr. Trump says he will resolve all burning issues within several days, including the Ukrainian crisis. We cannot help but feel happy about it.' 'Meet the Press' moderator Kristen Welker asked Trump what he thought about Putin’s comments. Trump responded, 'Well, I like that he said that. Because that means what I’m saying is right.' Yes, you read that correctly. Trump affirms his chaotic decisions as 'right' based on the approval of the dictator who has invaded Ukraine. Trump went further. At a campaign rally, he promised that he would 'end the war in Ukraine in one day.'
Unbelievably, GOP legislators take their cue from Trump as they act — or fail to act — in Congress. GOP lawmakers blocked military funding for Ukraine, just as Trump advocates. Congress holds the purse strings and the MAGA republicans publicly support their Putin-backed front-runner’s positions.
Inertia, in-fighting and political games have marked the GOP lawmakers in the lower chambers. Conservative Chip Roy accused his House colleagues of 'doing literally nothing useful with their time in Washington.' It’s time for congressional Republicans to do their job, get a backbone and help save Ukraine — without losing sight of other urgent issues like immigration reform and other serious problems that impact our lives. Get it done.
On Dec. 29, Russia launched its largest criminal aerial attack since its invasion began in February 2022 — killing and injuring civilians in a maternity hospital ward, school and other non-military sites over several cities. Putin’s murderous objectives have not changed. That same day, President Biden again urged Congress to deliver more aid to Ukraine and reiterated Putin must be stopped.
General Barry Mccaffrey, a former member of the National Security Council, claims that our national security interests are jeopardized. Russia is doing poorly militarily and economically, but has the support of North Korea, Iran and China. 'They are gonna muscle Ukraine into obliteration if we don’t support them,' he said.
These so-called strongmen, admired by the former president, are madmen and vicious dictators — including Hungarian Prime Minister Orban who vetoed the European Union 50 billion euro package of military aid to Kyiv.
Ukraine is an important country aligned with the values of both the United States and the Western European Union. In 'The High Price of Losing Ukraine' by The Institute for the Study of War, Natalie Bugayova writes, 'If Russia wins, many horrific practices that the Kremlin is trying to justify will be normalized. Ukraine is the lynchpin on which the future of Russia’s power hinges.'
How dreadful for all of us if Ukraine loses, the Kremlin rises and Congress just stays on holiday and does nothing.

Sharon McNeil is a member of Stronger Together Huddle, a group engaged in supporting and promoting the common good. She resides in Monroe and can be reached at

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