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"I Belong": the gotv tool made for detroit indivisibles

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

If your Detroit group is ready to hit the streets and get out the vote, this is the toolkit for you!

The I Belong campaign is designed specifically for GOTV events in the city of Detroit. It's simple and has turnkey solutions for meeting and sharing with your neighbors the urgency of getting to the polls in November.

Here's the Google Drive link to natively upload I Belong's files to your sites. Please feel free to claim all content as your own:

Alternatively, here's the YouTube channel link to the two minute film, the one minute social media edit, horizontal format (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram Posts), and the one minute social media edit, vertical format (Instagram Stories, TikTok, YouTube Shorts):

Please host and/or share I Belong across all your social media platforms. Please consider distributing to staff, volunteers, target audiences, communities, partners and individuals, asking them to embed the viewing and discussion of I Belong into voting conversations.

I Belong is not a one-time share. It’s an ongoing activist tool, literally in the palm of your hand, to persuade people to vote. Consider keeping it as an open page on your phone’s browser for easy access. It can be your GOTV conversation starter. It can be used in the middle of voting conversations to validate and inspire.

Send inquiries to

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