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Updated: Mar 30

We’re releasing our new, mini documentary series about the farm bill and how it impacts Michiganders from Marquette to Monroe. Endless hours, energy, attention, and love went into this new project, and we hope that you’ll take some time to sit back and check it out.

Watch the premiere of The Farm Bill and Michigan, today on our website. Head over and watch the four short films here!

In June and July of this year, we had the privilege of traveling across Michigan to interview independent farmers, advocates for food access, and experts in rural development. They all expressed that everyone deserves a level playing field when it comes to food access, including the hardworking farmers who produce what we eat.

The farm bill process is already under way, and right now you have the chance to advocate for a fair farm bill and ensure our federal lawmakers take action to level the playing field for independent farmers, ensure access to healthy food for all, and invest in our rural communities. The farm bill gets passed every half decade and includes critical programs that fund and manage food assistance, lending and insurance programs for farmers, rural development, and much more.

Everyone who eats has a stake in the farm bill, and we hope that after watching this series, you’ll see why.

Our farm bill documentary series is focused on four topics: consolidation in our food system, land access, nutrition, and rural development. Each video tells a story about why everyone, regardless of their ZIP code, deserves the ability to access healthy, sustainable, and affordable food from independent farmers.

Most Michiganders live outside of rural farming communities, but folks living in cities and suburbs are also impacted by programs in the farm bill. When you watch these videos, you’ll see why in 2024, Congress needs to pass a farm bill that prioritizes local power over corporate greed.

Our work uplifting stories from Marquette to Monroe is far from over, but for now we’re excited to sit back, relax, and watch these documentaries with you!

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